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About Us


Through accurate, balanced, and ethically sourced data, Destined AI aims to create a safe and equitable world where AI represents the best that humanity has to offer, not the worst.

Our mission is to
unlock unleash advance AI's full potential.

About Us

Our Pillars.


We believe that only with a strong foundation of trust can we build AI responsibly.


We are dedicated to investing in our communities and ensuring technology advancements benefit communities worldwide.


We pledge to advance humanity responsibly and equitably.

Meet the Founder.

Gerald Carter founded Destined AI to help companies detect and mitigate unwanted bias in AI. He developed the company after experiencing firsthand AI’s mislabeling of diverse people with derogatory terms, its failure to decipher speech by people with US southern accents, and its struggle to detect brown skin tones. 

Since its inception, Destined AI has won two pitch competitions, received a grant from Microsoft and Shopify Ventures, been accepted in the Google for Startups Cloud AI program, backed by Techstars powered by JP Morgan, and generated revenue while working with and securing enterprise customers. 

The company has ethically sourced data, built a community, and economically empowered over 4000 data contributors.

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